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Harvard University

Harvard University

Address:Cambridge, MA 02138, USA                                         www.harvard.edu

The campus of Harvard University became the most famous in the world other than Oxford.It is indeed a fact because Harvard is already famous in the first, even since the 19th century, they have dominated the list of references for each branch disciplines.Harvard became the only private university that fall into the top 10 university in the world.Harvard is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.The campus is designed as the Ivy League research, they succeeded in developing the study of the most famous in the world.Campus history began in 1636, they became one of the world renowned institutions engaged in research and invention.Various inventions have been produced, some alumnus there be a world famous scientist.The campus is also listed as the oldest institution of higher education in the USA. Harvard University is divided into 10 separate academic unit, they also have 11 faculties which have a classy facility.The number of active students there now reached 22,000, they are divided into undergraduate and post-graduate.In addition, the number of academic staff reached 4,800 thus making teaching learning processes running optimally.

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