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Goethe University of Frankfurt

Goethe University of Frankfurt

Address: Grüneburgplatz 1. 60323 Frankfurt am Main. Germany               www.goethe-university-frankfurt.de

Regarding the difference of opinion about a campus, Goethe University of Frankfurt provide a different alternative to the students if they want to experience the sensation of working with good try. You may need to understand also that this campus has the official name of Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. Built in 1914 as a public research university, Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main in fact have outstanding quality in education. They have more than 47,000 students thus referred to as the largest universities in Germany. Number of academic staff reached 1,200 people, with 450 of them are professors. With 16 faculties available, Goethe University into one of the leading colleges in Germany, included as German Excellence University. Moreover, they never get 14 Noble Prizes. Of these achievements, we have to understand how the quality of education that is successfully run by the college. Meanwhile, some community projects are also still done by academics there.

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