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Glenville State College

Glenville State College

Address: 200 High St, Glenville, WV 26351, United States

Glenville State College is public college established in 1872. Peter B. Bar as the president of this college advises more than 1882 students. All of the students are from undergraduate degrees. Therefore, it is also well known as the four year college. It is located in Glenville, West Virginia, United states of America. In rural area, the campus was established. The academics of this college, especially for undergraduate degrees are divided into two. They are bachelor degree, associate degree, and certificates academics for certain areas. Glenville State College focuses in education programs that create professional teachers. Besides, this college also offers liberal art such as biology, art, chemistry, business, social sciences, and criminal justice programs. The students’ activities are organized well in the college through campus participations in the office of the Student Activities. It usually provides some entertainments such as musicians, hypnotist, games, and karaoke. Besides, there is also special activity. It is homecoming in every October.

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