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Garnett College, London

Garnett College, London

Address:Roehampton, London, England

Garnett College, London was the United Kingdom’s only dedicated lecturer-training college (as distinct from teacher-training college). It was a higher education in further and higher education lecturer training by offering training for lecturers in further and higher education colleges. The focus was on teaching towards post-graduate qualifications awarded by Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA). The students had to be at least 25 years old and be qualified in their teaching subject.

Garnett College, London was opened in 1946 and took the name in 1953. It moved from north London to Roehampton in southwest London in 1963. It occupied three sites; they are two teaching sites (Downshire House and Manresa House) and was under the control of the Inner London education Authority. It collaborated with thames Polytechnic and the students were moved to a site in Avery Hill. This college was one of place that offered specializing in training further education lecturers.

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