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Fraserburgh University, Aberdeenshire

Fraserburgh University, Aberdeenshire

Address: Henderson Road, Fraserburg, Aberdeenshire AB43 9GA, United Kingdom

Fraserburgh University, Aberdeenshire was located in a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with a population recorded in the 2001 Census at 12454 and estimated at 12630 in 2006. It lies at the far northeast corner of Aberdeenshire about 64 km north of Abeerdeen and 27 km north of Peterhead.

In 1595, a grant from Scottish Parliament allowed the first college building to be erected by Alexander Fraser. In 1597, the general of Scotland recommended the rev. Charles Ferme, then minister at the Old Parish, to be its first principal. In 1601, Fraserburgh became a burgh of regality. The college closed only a decade or so after Ferme’s arrest on the orders of james VI.

Fraserburgh University, Aberdeenshire was a historical university in Scotland. Fraserburg remained relatively quiet until 1787 when Fraserburgh Castle was converted to Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, Scotland’s first mainland lighthouse.  Now, this town has four primary schools, Fraserburgh Academy as a secondary school, Westfield School, and North East Scotland College.

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