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Farnborough College of Technology

Farnborough College of Technology

Address: Boundary Rd, Farnborough GU14 6SB,               www.farn-ct.ac.uk

If and go to Farnborough College of Technology, you will realize the great campus. An advanced university located in Farnborough, Hampshire, came by offering a million hopes for people so that they would fill a wonderful day together. The college has accreditation from Surrey University to run some similar undergraduate programs. Farnborough College of Technology also has beauty because of the design of buildings owned could be said to contain a high artistic value. They have about 8,000 students are very eager to continue their studies there. Farnborough College now has eight major schools, including: Community Education & Training, Education & Humanities, Hampshire Business School, Engineering, Applied and Health Sciences, Media & Creative Arts, Construction. If you wish to continue their studies, you should consider to go there. There are about 120 lecturers who are ready to transfer their knowledge. The student has the right to choose majors favored by interest. They will also be invited to undertake various projects.

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