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Fairmont State University

Fairmont State University

Address: 1201 Locust Ave, Fairmont, WV 26554, United States

Fairmont State University is a public university in Fairmont, West Virginia, united states. Established in 1865 from the private institution, this university has about 4500 students. The students are approximately 4100 from undergraduate degrees and 500 from postgraduate degrees. The president, Dr. Maria Rose leads 450 administrative staffs and 597 employments of academic staffs which 200 workers have full time working. The campus is in urban area above 120 acres. For the programs, Fairmont State University offers business, education, teaching, criminal justice, and architecture for master degrees. For baccalaureate programs, it offers around 90 programs. Fairmont State University has two focus studies, managed by Pierpont Community and Fairmont campus. Pierpont community concerns in two year programs. They are technical associate degrees. On the other hand, Fairmont campus takes the concern of four year study programs. They are baccalaureate and master degrees. The athletics of this university is well known as The Falcons.

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