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Address: 555 Boulevard Charest E, Ville de Quebec, QC G1K 9E5, Canada

Ecolenationaled’administrationpublique is a public school in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Quebec provincial government established as a means of encouraging people to study professional public administration when the number of social and structural changes in the province. An Act respecting educational institutions at the university level is the enabling legislation. It is a unique school which is partly a pragmatic learning environment geared to educating Quebecers for positions within the public administration and partly a traditional university.

The mission of Ecolenationaled’administrationpublique is to contribute to the development of public administration both theoretically and in practice. In partnership, it offers training, services to organizations, research, and services. It runs to set the standard for public administration in Quebec. This university has five campuses, they are The Quebec City campus (a head office), The Montreal campus, The Gatineau campus, The Saguenay campus, and The Trois-Rivieres., The public administration university’ is a motto of this university.

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