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École de technologie supérieure

École de technologie supérieure

Address: 1100 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H3C 1K3, Canada         www.etsmtl.ca

École de technologie supérieure be a perfect campus if you have a passion related to engineering, machine and technology. The campus supports the passion by providing a variety of interesting programs related to applied science, engineering, technology and several other technological developments. Based on the information that has been tried, we were informed that the campus is well-known in the research of technology, especially robotics. The campus is oriented print professionals in the field of engineering. The alumni will go directly to some companies. They are also famous for the transfer of technology from the company so as to facilitate students in developing research. Various diploma program is opened to the students. Noted there are 7,900 active students there. Supported with complete infrastructure, École de technologie supérieurewill be more advanced in innovation.The campus now has four schools, they have also been running a degree program since a few years ago.While the number of teachers and academic staff of 150.

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