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Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

address: 8 College Road, Singapore 169 857               www.duke-nus.edu.sg

Policies were built to encourage progress at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School (Duke-NUS). The campus is a medical university which formed a partnership with Duke University, Durham California. The college was first established in 2005. Now they have grown into a major university that is able to collect up to hundreds of students. They certainly developed into a leading university that has the most superior certainty. They implement the educational model with a base USA Education system. Until now, the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School has been able to provide post-baccalaureate health education. Qualification will take them on a college degree. In addition, Duke-NUS also gives the right to make decisions based on some fundamental points are never discussed. Duke-NUS formed Academic Medicine Center to develop some of the centers of anti-bacterial and medical treatment. This became a major advancement that brings a lot of changes. Now there are about 6,500 active students who took some excellent programs related to the medical world.

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