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Concord University

Concord University

Address: 1000 Vermillion St, Athens, WV 24712, United States

Concord University is four year public university for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Its president is Dr. Kendra Boggess which has around 2800 students. Concord Universityis located in Athens West Virginia, United States of America in rural area above 123 acres or 50 ha. It is like park campus. Besides, it also has classes in Releigh country, Beckley, and West Virginia. Concord University is popular with its beauty. As a liberal art and comprehensive institution, it was established in 1872, specifically on February 28thafter the WVL or West Virginia Legislature stated it as the Branch State. As a good university, it has many programs. There are 15 leading programs being favorites for most of the students. To facilitate the students, this university has its own radio station in WVCU-LP. Concord Universityalso has buildings and other facilities. Almost offices and some divisions are located in one building, Marsh Hall or popular with Admin campus.

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