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Castleton University (Castleton State or Castleton)

Castleton University (Castleton State or Castleton)

Address: 62 Alumni Dr. Castleton, VT 05735, United States

Castleton Universityis a kind of public liberal arts college formerly popular called as Castleton State College. It is located in Castleton, United State of Vermont. This university has more than 2000 students enrolled. It also offers over 30 undergraduate degrees programs and also master’s degrees with the concern programs of education and accounting. Castleton University is accredited by NEASC or the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. There are some academic departments. One of them is natural sciences department. It is situated in the Jeffords Science Center, called after the late U.S. Senator Jim Jeffords. This academic department is the largest department in this campus which has 12 faculty members.The students can choose seven different programs and majors. They are Chemistry, Biology, Ecological Studies, Exercise Science, Environmental Science, Health Science, and Geology.  For the chemistry program, the students are allowed to choose specialization of Environmental Chemistry or Biochemistry. And for biology program, the students can focus on Molecular Biology and Biomedicine or Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

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