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Bundeswehr University Munich

Bundeswehr University Munich

Address: Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39, 85 577 Neubiberg, German               www.unibw.de

Munich is not only famous for Bayern Munich, they have the Bundeswehr University in Munich, a renowned campus with thousands of accomplishment. Built as a federal research, the campus has become one of the two federal research universities in Germany. Established in 1973, this campus is a direct part of the German armed forces. At the time of establishment, the campus is often referred to as the Hochschule der Bundeswehr München. This happens because the Bundeswehr University Munich a civilian academic school for special education for military officers. But the more days, the campus began to grow rapidly even received a lot of international students so that the concept of the campus began to change. The campus has 550 academic staff includes 170 professors and the rest is a lecturer. While the number of students reached 3,000. The campus runs four levels of education, from Bachelor to post doctoral. They also have 25 fields of study that can be selected as desired. Campus research developments are pretty awesome.

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