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Bishop’s University

Bishop’s University

xAddress: 2600 Rue College, Sherbrooke, QC J1M 0C8, C anada                             www.ubishops.ca

Although you’re still missing some names of prestigious universities, but Bishop’s University should remain under consideration. is designed as a public research campus, Bishop University is able to portray an important role for the development of science education in Canada. They were able to be a bridge for the success of a plan for the future. When you become part of the Bishop, you must know that the development of the campus is already past the expectations of many people. In the development history, Bishop’s University capable menjembatni a void between the diocese with the world of education. In the past, diocesan schools may only concerned with theology. But now it does not become the subject of quite important considering the Bishop’s University campus is able to act as ideal for anyone. Now there are 2,900 students who chose to study there. The campus also has an affiliation with McGill University and Concordia. Through such cooperation, Bishop University is able to build a campus with high integrity. The ability of the college to provide a decent education is also increasingly visible.

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