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Bauhaus, University of Weimar

Bauhaus, University of Weimar

Address: Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8, 99423 Weimar

Bauhaus University is Germany artistic and technical fields specialist institution which is situated in Weimar, Germany. So that is why this university often called as the University of Weimar. Founded in 1860, firstly appeared in the name of Great Ducal Saxon Art School. Not long after that, it received collegiate status (on june 3rd, 1910). After that the school was renamed as Bauhaus. Bauhaus is actually an acronym which stands for eagerness to experiment, openness, creativity, proximity to industrial practice and internationality. University of Weimar has more than 4,500 students who are listed as active students. Since it focuses more on art, Bauhaus university only has 4 main faculties. They are: Architecture and Urbanism faculties which become most favored faculty, Civil Engineering, Art and Design as the second favored faculty, and the last is Media faculty. Students may choose which subject they want among 40 degree programs. They also run new magister degree on 2014.

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