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Athens States University

Athens States University

It is located at 300 N Beaty St, Athens, AL 35611, United States of America.

Athens States University is a public university with two year senior level of college. It has about 3500 students from 33 majors. The students from business, arts and sciences, and education majors are housed in one college building. Athens States University is located in Athens, Alabama, Unites States as its name.

Athens States University was established on December 9th 1822 first known as Athens female academy. In 1842 the church of Methodist controlled this institution and changed the name into Athens female institute. In its development, this college started to be coeducational in 1961 called as Athens College. When the state of Alabama took control in 1974, it became Athens State College and finally became Athens States University till now. To facilitate the students, this university has Athens state college historic district for its students’ live. It has 3.5 ha built in 1842. The style of the building is likely the building of late 19th and 20th from Greek.

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