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Artois University

Artois University

Address: 9 Rue du Temple, 62000 Arras, France               www.univ-artois.fr

Talking about the best campuses, we cannot let go of Artois University as one of the main goals to make major changes. Therefore, we assess you had to work to find a passion. A public research university named Artois has opened our horizons to the performance of a college campus. The campus is located in Arras is a satellite of the University Academy of Lille. They have up to 11,000 students, and 35 percent are foreign students. Each student gets an equal chance to get a quality education and the use of campus facilities for a variety of purposes includes research and academic projects. Each work will get a decent appreciation of the campus; even some of them get support from the government. Society is very proud of the performance of Artois University because they are able to provide quality education and have the ability to move forward. As one dream campus, Artois also provides a wide selection of courses. They will always be ready to face the progress.

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