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Alabama State University

Alabama State University

Alabama State University was established in 1867 with motto that opportunity is here. It is a public university with Gwendolyn E.Boyd as the president. Alabama State University has about 12000 students, 7800 from undergraduate students, 3400 from postgraduate students, and 400 from doctoral students.

This campus has Georgian theme with classroom buildings from red brick styles. The architecture is contemporary style of structures. Alabama State University is well known as the state of art. There are 7400 of academic seats. Besides, there is also facility of sport in ASU, learning center, and health science center. The learning center is structured from 267000 volumes with 5 bricks. On the other hand, the health science center is made of 80000 squares of feet or 7400 square of meters. Those areas are used for offices, classrooms, clinics, labs, and etc. Alabama State University has popular marching band called the mighty marching hornets. The marching band also starts to create TV series or documentary that gives lives to the students of Alabama State University.

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