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University of Oldenburg

University of Oldenburg

Address: Uhlhornsweg 99, 26111 Oldenburg, German               www.uni-oldenburg.de

Oldenburg has a top university, the name of the campus is University of Oldenburg. The campus is often called as Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. As the best educational facilities in northwestern Germany, Oldenburg University tried to focus on the sustainable development of interdisciplinary studies. That means, Oldenburg tried to dive into a branch of the discipline to the very detail. Even for an interdisciplinary is divided into three levels of education, from the graduate, post-graduate to doctoral and post-doctoral. University of Oldenburg offers 95 courses covering all levels. One of the excellent courses here are education teacher who has become a strong profile for the campus because it offers the opportunity to become a PhD. The campus also has a program of doctoral and habilitation. Now there are about 14.503 active students, taught by 1,400 academic staff. To complete the paperwork, 900 staff ready to help them. The college has six faculty includes:

  1. Faculty I: Pedagogy and Education
  2. Faculty II: Computer sciences, Law and Economics
  3. Faculty III: Linguistics and Cultural studies
  4. Faculty IV: Social Sciences
  5. Faculty V: Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  6. Faculty VI: Medicine and Health Sciences


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