Western Kentucky University


Western Kentucky University was established in 1906 which is present as one of the American universities that have international reach. Campus which occupies a land area of ​​235 hectares is present by using the semester-based academic calendar. Over time, we will find that the university is undergoing many changes, including physical changes, attitude, intellectual, cultural, social and economic. All these changes have a positive impact on the image and achievements of the university – was transformed into a leading national university. Not surprisingly, many people are interested in education at WKU and a high level of satisfaction to be something that would be obtained for those who study here. At Western Kentucky University, we will find many choices of majors and degree can be obtained by considering the interests, talents, and abilities of each individual. There are a number of prominent programs in this area including forensics, engineering, to journalism and broadcasting. While a number of the most popular majors at WKU including social sciences; general studies and humanities; liberal arts and sciences; health professions and related programs; education; and other.