University of South Carolina Beaufort (USC-Beaufort)


Address: Beaufort, South Carolina, U.S

University of South Carolina Beaufort (USC-Beaufort) is a public university that has two campuses located in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina, they are Hilton Head Gateeay campus located between Biuffon and Hardeeville near Hilton Head Island and Beaufort campus located in downtown beaufort. These two campuses bring powerful futures to life.

This university is a dynamic and vibrant academic community that serves the Lowcountry and beyond. University of South Carolina Beaufort (USC-Beaufort) is fastest growing four-year institution in South Carolina. Its campuses divided into two campuses : Hilton Head Way is the main campus that offers world-class learning opportunities from biology research to interning at world class resorts and it newly constructed features all the amenities and facilities needed for college life; and Historic Beaufort Campus that located on the intra coastal Waterway in downtown Beaufort close to artsy shops, restaurants, and the waterfront, students can live on campus at the Grace White House that has a full-sized kitchen, bedrooms, and in-house laundry.