University of Illinois System


University of Illinois System is a system of higher education consists of three campuses in Illinois is Springfield (UIS), Chicago (UIC), and Urbana Champaign (UIUC). This system is governed by a Board of Trustees which has 13 members consisting of the Governor of Illinois who act as ex officio members, nine trustees appointed by the Governor, and one student trustee chosen by each university (in the system) where one of the students trustees have the right to vote. To get more information about the University of Illinois system, we can do a search in various places including the Internet. Yup, the Internet will lead us on a variety of important information about the university system. Let’s take a brief look at the profile of each campus is incorporated in the system. (1) UIUC – established in 1867 and changed its name as it is today in 1982. It is a campus of the largest and most prestigious of the system and is home to 16 universities. (2) UIC – a university that offers 15 colleges and schools ranging from the college of medicine, urban planning and public affairs, engineering, nursing, liberal arts and sciences, graduate, dentistry, applied health sciences, design and arts, architecture, and more. (3) UIS – this is a college that was founded in 1969 changed its name to the University of Illinois at Springfield when deciding to join the system in 1995.