University of Illinois at Springfield


University of Illinois at Springfield is part of the University of Illinois System, established in 1969 under the name of Sangamon State University and was established by the Illinois General Assembly. Over time, precisely in 1995, the university was renamed as it is now. Located in an area of ​​746 acres, the campus occupies the southeast side of Springfield, close to Springfield Lake, and is about 200 miles southwest of Chicago and 100 miles northeast of St. Louis. University of Illinois at Springfield offers 25 bachelor’s degrees, 20 master’s degrees, and one doctoral program. We will also find there are several online majors if we intend to get an education in this area but has limitations such as the distance is too far, then this could be an option. Several options are offered undergraduate programs including computer science, business administration, psychology, accounting, criminal justice, and biology. For graduate programs, some of which are accounting, business administration, management information systems, public administration, and computer science.