University of Idaho


University of Idaho was founded in 1889 and since then it has become one of the institutions of higher education in Idaho are expected many people to be able to give more knowledge and various other things that are needed to deal with the real life in the real society. The University offers a number of outstanding major combination, as well as graduate programs owned. We will find world-class facility that will support all the processes of learning and teaching so that hope to be of high quality human after graduating from these places can be achieved. University of Idaho has a number of achievements that we must know before deciding to get education there, ranging from the recognition of the university by the Princeton Review as one of the best public universities in America. In addition, we also found the fact that the university is included in one of the 100 best values ​​in public colleges in terms of affordability and academic strength. Princeton Review also named this university as one of the top 286 green colleges for environmental responsibility.