University of Hawaii at West Oahu


University of Hawaii at West Oahu is one of the universities that are members of the University of Hawaii System, established in 1976. The university has been serving the people of Hawaii and a place to study the dynamic diversity of unique and interesting. Previously, this university is the institution that organizes 2 year baccalaureate which later developed into a comprehensive university with a 4-year academic program that emphasizes the exploration of interdisciplinary studies and cross-cultural. University of Hawaii at West Oahu is located on the island of Oahu, in the city of Kapolei which offers six bachelor degrees to 32 courses up to 7 certificate program. Here are some options degrees and courses offered: (1) Bachelor of arts in business administration – including accounting, finance, general business administration, hospitality and tourism, management, and marketing. (2) Bachelor of art in humanities – includes creative media, English, Hawaiian Pacific studies, history, and philosophy. (3) Bachelor of art in public administration – including disaster preparedness and emergency management, health care administration, general public administration and justice administration. (4) Bachelor of art in social sciences – including anthropology, early childhood education, economics, political science, psychology, applied social sciences track, sociology. (5) Bachelor of education. (6) Bachelor of applied science.