University of Hawaii at Manoa


University of Hawaii at Manoa was founded in 1907 and is the flagship campus of the University of Hawaii System. The university is consistently maintaining its best value among several universities and colleges in order to provide the best quality for their students, both in terms of academic and other matters. In addition, the university also seeks to provide a global multi-cultural experience that is unique to their students for education in place, which certainly will not be found elsewhere. Occupying an area of ​​320 acres, we will find there are many interesting things on this campus. To get more information on the University of Hawaii at Manoa then visit the official website at would be a good idea. The diversity that we find on this campus one of which is derived from the number of students who come from abroad are studying here. There are about 50 countries from around the world were educated in this place. The university offers bachelor degree to 98 fields of study, master’s degree for 85 fields of study, and professional and doctoral degrees for 57 fields of study.