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University of Hagen (distance learning; open university)


Address: Universitätsstraße 11 58 084 Hagen, Germany               www. fernuni-              

Germany also has opened a prestigious university. University of Hagen is an open campus that has a focus to develop distance learning. So that students from all countries can learn there easily. the number of active students at Hagen University reached 84.500 so that it can be categorized as the largest university, the University of Hagen has a main campus in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The campus is also known as FernUniversität of Hagen. As an open campus, they provide more than 52 courses in which students are free to enter. They became a research center in Germany because it has adequate facilities. FU Hagen started up since 1974, when it was only 3 faculties. Along the development of time they’ve been open about 4 faculties. However, the study program is provided twice as much. Backed by 1,800 academic staff, Hagen University to become one of the best campuses in the field of admissions. They are able to apply a strict system in selection but still accommodate students as much as possible.