University of Georgia


To get more information about the University of Georgia, then visit the official website at is a perfect idea to do. There will be a lot of information that will be found that will provide more enlightenment if we wish to make UGA as a place of study. If we drill down further, we will not only find information about the courses offered, but also the history of the university, including the mission and vision to embrace. Yup, as part of the University System of Georgia, there are some characteristics of the University of Georgia we need to know. First, responsibility and commitment to provide excellence in academic and achievement that has national and international recognition. Second, have a commitment to excellence in implementing the learning dedicated to the environment so that it can serve the students, promote student achievement levels are higher, and to provide appropriate services to academic support. Third, bring high commitment to deliver excellence in public service, technical assistance activities, and economic development so as to meet the strategic needs of the state of Georgia.