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Erfurt has a great campus, which is quite interesting to get some progress, the University of Erfurt gold made ​​history with a myriad of achievements. Erfurt University to catch the bright with 6,500 students. They have high dedication and full progress. Especially now that they have the best facilities. Although not classified as large universities, but they were able to run four faculties, include: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Science, Faculty of Catholic Theology, Faculty of Arts / Philosophy. Flagship campus definitely has a special program to improve the best quality possessed by the students. Therefore, you will not feel insecure when registering at the university. Besides having an amazing facility, campus also continue to work to contribute to the German society in general. They try to develop research and invention-based project that can be felt by all the people. Now the University of Erfurtwill continue to improve on the shortcomings contained therein.