University of California, Davis is one of the universities in North America are included in the Association of American Universities. There are only 61 universities that could go into the association, including UC Davis. At this university, we will find there are 4 universities and 6 professional schools which offer 102 undergraduate majors and 90 graduate programs. The college was established in 1868 that changed its name to Davis in 1907 is one of America’s Best Colleges in 2012 ago. Other achievement that we will get when searching for UC Davis is the fact that these universities were ranked 9 for public research universities in the United States. Facilities owned by the university are quite complete, including a library which houses more than 3.9 million books. We will also find more than 50,000 electronic resources that will allow us to get the information we want in various forms including databases and journals.  If we are interested in studying at UC Davis, then there are amount of financial assistance that we could find because the tuition at this place is not cheap, especially when we take a graduate program. Some education financing options that can be found include federal program of student loans, scholarships, grants, and so on.