University of Bayreuth


The Bayreuth of university is a kind of public research university which has strategic location on heart of Bayreuth town, Germany. Established since 1975, this campus concern more on interdisciplinary which covering global agreement and working. Right now, University of Bayreuth has high reputation even you could say great, with more than 450 networking with other research organization and universities around the world. This global collaboration gives birth for thousands important inventions which is very beneficial for human life. They have 6 undergraduate faculties for almost 15,000 students, 2 post graduate faculties which has distinctive admission quality standards. Special autonomy program is set to be taken around this year to facilitate some major programs. They offer Economics and Philosophy, Theatre and Media Study, Ecology Global Change, Management and so on. On 2015, they achieved 72th rank as best university of the world.They also have great quality doctoral program on philosophy science.