University of Bamberg


Another famous university in Bamberg, the industrial district in Germany, the university of Bamberg has great achievement. With strong vision “Regionally rooted – academically distinguished – internationally connected”, they try to lift and educate human to be able to challenge any competition on global challange. Built in 1964, it then restated again in 1972 due to massive reformation made by east Germany government. Until 2014, they have around 13,570 students which take all of major departments. You can access more information In Germany, Bamberg university is known as  Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg. This university has special faculty to be taken, they are Humanity, Social Science, Cultural studies, Economics and Computer Science. Even considered as one of the best business university around Bavaria because its level has topped other universities. The facility provided by the holder is very complete, so many applied lab to make a practice and other research lab. Some funded research could be submitted here too.