University of Ausburg


In Augsburgif you want to get enlightened well, just go to University of Ausburg, better known asUniversitätAugsburg.It seems like the best university in Germany, located inUniversitätsviertel, specificallyfromAugsburg city, Germany. It was established in 1970, and since that time, it has developed into great University with more than 7 faculties including Catholic theology, Bussiness and Law, Philosophy and Social Science, etc. Even though it has not stood long enough, but this university has more than 20,000 students right now. Its massive number is encouraged by famous graduators which promote their alma mater, indirectly increasing public trustworthiness for Ausburg University. More than 14 percent of students are foreign or expatriates who take different major department. They come from Asia, Africa but mostly from Turkey. The number of foreign students there is greater than any university in Germany. In 2011, Ausburg notes its name as the first university in Germany who has woman rector, her name is SabineDoeringManteuffel.