University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is public university established in 1879. It is the member of the University of Arkansas System and has 10552 administrative staffs located in urban area of Little Rock, Arkansas,United States divided in five colleges. Those five colleges are seven institutes, one graduate school, medical center, and educational center of community. Besides, this university has 6 academic units. Actually, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is academic of health in Arkansas. It involves education for caring the patients in hospital and research. This university has contract with Arkansas Children’s Hospital to facilitate learning and practicing process. Although it is not as big as other university, this university is the largest research institution and has great number of employers and 2890 students. The students are 682 students of medical, 468 students in the Pharmacy College, 712 students of Nursing College, 558 students of Health Professions College, 153 students of Public Health College, and 317 students of Graduate School.