University of Arkansas at Little Rock


University of Arkansas at Little Rock is public university and popular with space-grantstate university. The motto states about Culture, Truth, and Knowledge in English. Established in 1927, this university had former names called Little Rock Junior College in 1927 to 1957 and Little Rock University in 1957 to 1969 when it became four year study. The 471 academic staffs and 1852 administrative staffs have full time works to serve for more than 12000 students. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S, this campus lies above metropolitan area. That is why University of Arkansas at Little Rock has direct influence for the government in business, industry, technology, art, science, medicine, and others for public developments purposes. On 250 acres, this university has over 56 buildings including clinic and café. However, this university focuses on education, research, economic, and science development. University of Arkansas at Little Rock offers more than 100 programs of undergraduate degreesand 60 programs of graduate degrees for doctoral, master, and bachelor certificates.