The University of North Texas at Dallas


Address: 7300 University Hills Blvd, Dallas, TX 75241, United States

The University of North Texas at Dallas is a public university located in small urban area.It was extension in Dallas of the University of North Texasin 2000. It offers the level courses for undergraduate and graduate. It became a standing universityin 2009. It offers program of full undergraduate and graduate work. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Boardcertified this university. The campus was situated in the city in 2000 in the spring semester. That campus enrolls about 204 part-time students and around 55 full-time students. After that, the campus has 200 acres in southern of Dallas with $3 million costs. It is also supported with private donation for 264 acres or 1.07 km2. The head of the campus from the beginningwas John Ellis Price. He initially was ordered the UNT Dallas Campus for the officers.  And now Bob Mongis pointed as the 3rd of UNT Dallas’ President.