The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) |

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)


The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a kind of public university located in Alabama, US. It was found in 1936 from academic extension to institution of autonomous in 1969. Now this university is one institution of three University of Alabama system institutions. There are 12 divisions of academic with 140 study programs that enroll more than 19.000 students. The students come from more than 110 countries.

This university is well known with its academic medical centers. It has the largest health system affiliated with university. Of course it is supported with sponsor that comes from UAB hospital. With those facilities, this university has many medical programs such as surgery, neurology, anesthesiology, and radiology. The UAB hospital is also succeed to be the only ACS verified trauma program. Besides academic medical centers, UAB has the largest employers in the state. It has more than 53 thousands jobs in the health system and university. It surely makes the services better than the other institutions.