South Georgia State College


South Georgia State College is a university that was founded in 2013 and is part of the University System of Georgia with the main service area includes 15 counties in southern Georgia. With coverage is quite extensive, making the campus provides more options and classes in a larger number of students. Currently, the college offers two graduate degrees namely the bachelor of sciences degree in nursing and the bachelor of sciences degree in biological sciences. For associate degrees, we will find there are more than 20 courses offered. South Georgia State College is committed to presenting achievements and utilizes a number of strategies at each campus to guide every student, especially in academic activities. There are several forms of services that will be found including providing tutoring to do individual academic guidance from professionals in their respective fields. All intended to achieve and support the overall student success. We will also find several facilities that will certainly make the learning process more comfortable ranging from modern dormitories, a dining room, to other social activities.