Sonoma State University or also known as Sonoma State or SSU is a public university and is one of the smallest universities that are members of the California State University system. Despite being one of the smallest universities, but SSU offers more than 65 undergraduate and graduate degree programs that are not inferior to other large universities. In addition, the university claimed to be the most desirable on the campus of California State University system. We will also find other facts from which the SSU is a liberal arts university and is also known as a school that has a strong influence in the field of nursing, business, and economics. There are a number of courses that favored by those who studied in this area include liberal arts, business, and psychology. From dozens of majors offered, we will find the division of categories into 7 schools ranging from school of arts and humanities, school of business and economics, school of education, school of science and technology, school of extended education, school of social sciences, and wine business program.