Savannah State University


Savannah State University was founded in 1890 with a total enrollment of about 4900 students. The campus is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools that offer 30 programs for baccalaureate degree major and six graduate degrees programs. For campus activities, we will find there are more than 75 clubs, sororities, organizations, honoraries, student publications, up to fraternities and intramural sports. To note, Savannah State’s Athletics is a member of the NCAA Division I AA. Yup, if you are a sports lover, then we will find there are many choices of sports clubs on campus ranging from football, baseball, basketball, track and field, golf, softball, tennis, volleyball, and cross country. Savannah State University occupies an area of ​​201 acres of beautiful oak trees where there are many who would say hello, as did several historic buildings that will make learning more peaceful and calming. To get more information about this university then visit the official website at would be a good idea to apply.