San Francisco State University is a public university located in San Francisco, United States and is part of the California State University system. We will find some of the university’s academic colleges choice when searching for a San Francisco State information ranging from science and engineering, health and human services, ethnic studies, education, business, and arts and humanities. The University also has a college of extended learning that we can get when decided to get an education in this place. There is a lot of information that will be found when searching for San Francisco State including the fact that this is one of the best universities in California also known for having artistic buildings and prioritizes excellence. There are several programs offered by San Francisco State including 115 majors for bachelor degree, 97 majors for master degree, and doctoral programs (for doctor of education). The University also used as the main training ground for members of parliament and lawyers in California. For the achievement of which is owned by SF State, we will find there are many proud achievement including the university’s success in achieving the first rank nationwide for a number of biological sciences graduate who earned a biology Ph.D.