Purdue University Calumet


Purdue University Calumet is a campus that offers a comprehensive academic level and is part of the Purdue University System that is internationally respected. The campus is located in Hammond, Indiana that we can to travel as far as 3 miles to the east of the border states of Indiana and Illinois, or less than 25 miles to the southeast of downtown Chicago. When we stepped into this campus, we will find 17 beautiful building in an area of ​​167 acres, including a residential campus that offers a comfortable apartment style to accommodate nearly 750 students. In addition to offering a variety of programs and degrees for undergraduate and graduate, we will also find there are more than 80 student organizations that will make campus life we ​​live is more fun. There is also a line of athletic teams that we can make a choice if we are fans of sports ranging from basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis, cross country, football, baseball, softball up. To get more detailed information about Purdue University Calumet, then visit the official website is a good idea to do.