Oklahoma State University – Tulsa


Address: Stillwater – Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Oklahoma State University – Tulsa is new institution in Oklahoma. AS public Oklahoma University of State, it is the newest one.  It was University Center at Tulsa in previously, and then it became Oklahoma State University in 1999.  Although it is belonging to new institution, it has had four years programs as undergraduate.

Although Oklahoma State University – Tulsa is belonging new college, it has facility for supporting the teaching learning well. Classroom and labs are the important facilities for learning. And this campus has it.

Oklahoma State University – Tulsa has some academics programs with some divisions, such as junior or senior and graduate level education, preparing for completing bachelor’s degree, master degree and doctoral degree.  For the tuition, it is not high enough, moreover it is normal tuition, actually. For students who love sport, this campus has good facilities for sport. Interesting basket and basketball are the famous of this college.