Northeastern Illinois University


Northeastern Illinois University is a campus which is considered as a comprehensive public university. Standing in 1867, NEIU present as a university that has a rich tradition of innovation in the field of education and prides itself on having teachers and administrators were outstanding. Northeastern Illinois University has the diversity that is very complex and this is what makes it a unique character to the university, as well as the social order students. The University offers dozens of programs and titles that can be selected in accordance with the interests and talents ranging from undergraduate to graduate. Several choices of courses offered include business, education, arts, to the sciences. To note, this university has several additional campuses in metropolitan areas namely Jacob Carruthers Center for inner city studies, El Centro, Centre for college access and success, and the University Center of Lake County. If we want to know more information about the NEIU, then we can do a search through several sources, including the official website with the help of internet. For the achievement has, we should not hesitate because there are a series of achievements that will make us proud to make NEIU as our alma mater.