Murray State University


Murray State University is a public educational institution that was founded in 1922 and uses the semester system in the academic calendar. Campus which occupies a land area of 236 hectares is present in the ratio of small classes where each class is filled by students of less than 20 people. Improve learning outcomes through a variety of experiences is one of the goals assumed by this university. Campus offers a learning experience not only in the classroom, but also in the real world, so that students can get more learning. Murray State University provides a number of facilities that support students to get a quality education, including several laboratories, research centers, financial planning centers, and others. Not surprisingly, this university is considered as one of the 12 institutions identified as a national model in the successful graduation rates. Bring learning to live – a quality enhancement plan of Murray University that we can find when we do a search for information in several sources, including the internet. Searching through the internet is quite enjoyable because it will not give us any hassle.