Marshall University – South Charleston Campus


Address: 100 Angus E Peyton Dr, South Charleston, WV 25303, United States

Marshall University – South Charleston Campus is a branch of Marshall University with non residential type. Located in South Charleston, West Virginia, United States of America, this university takes the concern of graduate program extensions. However, the program extensions are from both West Virginia University and Marshall University merging. Marshall University – South Charleston Campus was first established in 1969 in metropolitan area. It is because Marshall University subjects were limited in four countries around the campus located in Huntington. As the former names, it was called as Marshall University Graduate Program which incorrectly used to call the West Virginia College of Graduate. In the first, it almost had no faculty. Just some of West Virginia State College offices offered classes in this building. However, now, the education systems are for its graduate degrees with research facility. To establish Marshall University – South Charleston Campus, Union Carbide Corporation gave its donation for the establishing.