Louisiana State University at Shreveport


Louisiana State University at Shreveport is part of the Louisiana State University System, which was established in 1967. The university has a mission to educate and promote critical thinking for students for the sake of a better future. To get more information about this university, then we can choose to visit the official website at www.lsus.edu. There are many interesting things we can learn on the official website before deciding to pursue education at the college who has outstanding beauty, including a variety of programs and scholarships to be missed. Louisiana State University at Shreveport offers more than 20 undergraduate programs, a dozen master’s programs and doctoral programs to doctorate of education in leadership studies. Then, what about the ratio between teachers and students in this university? Well, do not worry about it because LSUs is one of the universities with the lowest ratio in the state. This will provide a more personalized learning in students.