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Lille University of Science and Technology


address: Cité Scientifique, 59650 Villeneuve-d’Ascq, France

Lille University of Science and Technology to be one of the ideal campus for the seeker of knowledge. A great plan could be based on something that has come to us. If you want to start planning a plan, why do you have to give up all these things without any follow-up. Therefore, we would ask you to immediately realize our confidence in his future plans. Even when possible, we will be ready to assist you in any case. Included in determining the direction of future policy. They have reached 22,000 active students. Students are given the freedom to do research and projects for LUST has 43 laboratories and research institutions that will help students when they wanted to get maximum results. You will see how they perform various actions sustainable. Every year there are about 400 doctoral dissertation released. They did focus on science and technology, so that the campus is able to provide the maximum experience in education. Lille University of Science and Technologyis one of three parts of the campus are included in the unit of Lille University.