Lewis Clark State College


Lewis Clark State College is a public undergraduate college which has three mission namely academic programs, community programs, and professional technical programs. The campus is located in Lewiston Idaho was founded in 1893 with a level of diversity that is quite varied. Lewis Clark State College offers more than a degree and certificate programs. We will also find the six academic divisions, two divisions of technical professionals, 372 online courses, as well as 9 online degree offerings. Campus occupies an area of ​​46 acres with a number of facilities that will provide comfort for education there, ranging from the existence of four residence halls, state of the art fitness center, more than 60 student clubs, and 12 athletic teams that are members of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). If we want to know more information about this campus, then visit the official website at www.lcsc.edu. There we will find a lot of important information that we can make the guidelines when it decided to get an education at the venue.