Kansas State University


Kansas State University is a public educational institution located in the city of Manhattan, in the northeastern region of the country, to be exact. Campus offers more than 250 majors for undergraduate programs and more than 60 for the master’s program. Campus which has been established since 1863 is present as one of the universities with student satisfaction indicator is quite high – 81.5%. Kansas State University has some of the most popular majors that we can choose when deciding to pursue education in this area, include: family and consumer sciences / human sciences; social sciences; engineering; agriculture operations; agriculture; business; management; and marketing. At K-State, we can choose more than 450 organizations, including sororities and fraternities. K-State has three campuses in several states that offer the classic college, as we need. For the achievements of, we do not need to doubt this university. Some of the awards that have been achieved including 2 to rank as a great campus and community relations given by the Princeton Review. Princeton Review also ranked sixth campus for happiest students.